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Quality Cowhide Furniture Accessories For Your Home

There are an abundance of ways that cowhide furnishings and accessories can be used in your home, ranch or office. Cowhide chairs are often used in a blended style that combines western, traditional and old world design elements. Cowhide floor coverings and cowhide lamp shade provide matching accessories. And, in addition to the various cowhide design elements, other elements such as antler art chandeliers, old world style urns combined with a western style desk, table or will make your home a true Hill Country Interiors eclectic design.

Need help choosing the right cowhide furnishings & accessories for your home, ranch or office? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you choose the accessories & furnishings that will best suit your interior design project. And for more in-depth assistance, we provide award-winning complimentary interior design services. To see some of our cowhide furniture & accessories options, please visit some of the gallery sections on our web site. Come and visit our San Antonio Showroom, or call us at 210-495-5768 for more information.

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