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Some rooms, because of unique architectural characteristics or as a result of other special furnishings already in the room, simply seem to defy finding the right solution in any furniture store’s inventory. Even designer custom-made furnishings may not fit your specific requirements and design specifications.

Hill Country Interiors award-winning interior designer will meet with you and design a custom crafted design solution that is specially created just for you to be the perfect solution to your unique room.

In the Photo Above:

This room was designed from floor to ceiling – starting with the foundation of a beautiful hand-made Oriental rug.
Next, each piece was planned to make optimal use of the room for function, comfort and beauty. The problem was: there was no entertainment center & bookshelf combination that really workedquite right in the space. Well, no problem! That blank wall was simply the canvas for our designer to create a custom solution that was designed to perfectly fit the room and complement the rest of the furnishings.
So, if you have a problem spot that you just can not find a solution for…
your problem is really just an opportunity for a truly unique,one-of-a-kind solution that will far exceed any ready-made furniture piece you can find in a store showroom!

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