Rustic Furniture San Antonio, TX

Rustic Furniture San Antonio

Rustic Furniture San Antonio TX - Hill Country Interiors

Rustic Furniture San Antonio, TX

In addition to Western, Hill Country & Old World Styles, Hill Country Interiors is known for its unique and ever changing collection of rustic furniture. These artistic furnishings strike a balance between the rustic and the elegant in a truly amazing way and provide a great complement to leather furnishings, antler lighting or other types of decor and accessories, especially for those with eclectic interior design tastes. Some of our rustic furnishings styles could be classified as Tuscan furniture, others as Hill Country styles or western furniture; most simply defy description because they draw from a number of different furniture styles in a way that transcends any one classification.

Rustic Furniture Store in San Antonio, TX

Our rustic furniture uses a fascinating array of rich woods including mesquite, oak, teak, and many more in combination with cowhide, axis hide and other exotic animal hides that will transform a living room, family room or bedroom into an environment that’s a joy to live in. Many people also choose rustic furniture for their office or home office (including office chairs, armoires, desks and entertainment centers). With so many exciting accessories, our rustic furniture collection provides warmth, comfort and an ambiance like no other!

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