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Tuscan Furniture

Perfect for Any Environment, Tuscan Furnishings are Reminiscent of Classic Italian Style and Beauty

Tuscan style furnishings often fall under the Old World furniture category, but they are not limited to that category and they certainly have a timeless Mediterranean ambiance that quietly shouts refinement, elegance and beauty. Hill Country Interiors has an amazingly wide-ranging collection of Tuscan furnishing styles for your home or your place of business. And if you have an eclectic flair for interior design, you can create some striking effects by blending Tuscan styles together Rustic, Old World, or even Western furnishings for an overall interior design statement that is beyond any one simple category.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you to choose the Tuscan furnishings that will best suit your home, ranch or office. And for more in-depth assistance, we provide award-winning complimentary interior design services.

In addition to living room furnishings, Tuscan furnishing styles can be continued throughout your entire home helping to coordinate your interior design theme for your bedrooms, family rooms, dining rooms, and home office… foyers, nooks and crannies are also great places to carry through with elegant Tuscan style accessories and decor pieces. Artwork, mirrors urns, greenery, vases and accent pieces will provide follow-through for your vision for classic Tuscan interior design elements.

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