Hill Country really stepped up to the plate! We furnished a 14 bedroom, 4 living room Hunting ranch 2 & 1/2 hours South of San Antonio. The last 18 miles is dirt road and not even UPs or FedEx would deliver but Hill Country didn't hesitate. They have the support system in place for any situation. They are efficient and thorough. Sheri Wood in particular has consistently gone above and beyond for the last 2 years to make sure my project went smoothly and completely. They are utmost professional and communicate in a a timely fashion. Kudos to Bill V and the entire Hill Country team! Well Done!

Heather V.Kansas City, MO Link to Yelp Page

My wife and I found several items that we really liked walking the floor of this amazing store. Everything in here is custom made or handcrafted and is clearly of the highest quality. The staff are friendly and attentive. The absolute only negative is the prices are stratospherically high, making items unaffordable to the large majority of San Antonians, including many in the Stone Oak area. Regardless, this is a one-of-a-kind shop that offers only the best.

James P. San Antonio, TX Link to Google Reviews

They have beautiful furniture. We purchased a table and they only made us pay half down and they held it for 3 months until our house was completed. They delivered it as promised and everything was wonderful. They allow you to walk around the store without following you around. They're there to help if you ask.

Laurie Garbett Link to Google Reviews

It's a gorgeous facility, filled with a variety of beautiful, elegant furnishings. When I've been in, the staff & owner have always been friendly & welcoming.

J.T. Sampson Link to Google Reviews

Great service, beautiful furniture- was not dissapointed at all in their products and friendly service.

Anonymous Link to Page

Very nice furniture and excellent service.

Anonymous Link to Page